Make a heliostat

What is a heliostat and why make one?

A heliostat is a device that tracks the movement of the sun, but most often the term refers to a device that orients a mirror array to reflect sunlight continuously onto a specific target.

Let's make a  heliostat in a small scale for experimenting.  The know how I have working with all medias. From steel and welding, Aluminium casting, Fibre glass, timber, concrete, electronics and the list of know how is endless a man can accumulate in a life.

The frame can be supported by a welded steel gimbal mount allowing rotation on both horizontal and vertical axes. Each axis can be equipped with a stepper motor and leadscrew to adjust the position. 

The third axis is used to collapse the panels in strong wind, hail  or rain.

Using three stepper motors with Sainsmart controllers driven by Arduino, or geared motors that can be driven with an Arduino Mega Microcontroller is the idea I work on in my spare time.

Anyone keen to assist or perhaps can provide a workshop is welcome to contact me. 

My video is a bit patchy and will be updated soon.